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Neighbours, we share unusual relationships with them.

Some of us become best friends, while others hardly speak. There’s the mystery neighbour – the one you’ve lived next to for two years but have never seen – and then there’s the neighbour that simply won’t leave you alone. You know who we mean – the one that pops their head over the fence the second you place a foot outside of your door…

Arguably, the ‘annoying’ neighbour is the kind we hate the most. We’ve surveyed the nation and discovered that 35% of us find our neighbours irritating on a regular basis, yet a staggering 93% wouldn’t label themselves as an annoying neighbour at all.

The festive period is also considered to be the time our neighbours aggravate us the most and, with the 25th December just around the corner, we thought we should use our knowledge to help you avoid becoming the annoying neighbour so many of us hate.

However, if you do find yourself stuck with neighbours who are singing loud for all to hear, we have some helpful tips to help you combat the noise.

We’ve compiled a list of the greatest annoyances and used them to create our good neighbour guide, adapted just for Christmas.

A good neighbour shall not:

  1. Allow visitors to block their neighbour’s driveway
  2. Put their Christmas lights up too early
  3. Allow visitors to leave their house drunk
  4. Play Christmas music extremely loudly
  5. Refuse to join in with festive cheer
  6. Put a ridiculous amount of Christmas decorations up
  7. Leave their decorations up after the festive period is over

We’re sure blocking the driveway is an annoyance all year round, but with so many parties being hosted over Christmas it’s easy to see why nearly a third (30%) of Brits surveyed listed this as their neighbour’s worst habit.

Christmas dĂ©cor is a great cause of irritation too – 12.9% think their neighbours put up too many decorations and 7.8% are left feeling exasperated when next door leaves the decorations up long after the festive period is over.

Starting Christmas too early annoys at least 16.8% of us, and if you were wondering what date is considered to be ‘too early’ then it’s any time before 1st December. Make sure you don’t start singing Christmas carols before December either – you’ll be guilty of committing an annoying neighbour habit! And if you’re up in Edinburgh or Newcastle don’t leave your Christmas tree on show after the festivities are over- it’s a major pet peeve in both cities!

You can follow the rules and be a perfect neighbour, but it doesn’t mean your neighbours will return the favour. If you do find yourself with annoying neighbours this Christmas, there are a few things you can do to make the situation better.

Our top tip is to communicate – don’t feel like you’re being annoying by expressing your thoughts! A gentle reminder to keep the noise down or a light-hearted comment about how odd a decorative reindeer in March is can get your point across without causing an argument.

Requesting pre-notice of any noisy parties is a great way to keep the peace with your neighbour too. It lets them know you’re not objecting to their fun, but it also subconsciously reminds them that you are trying to sleep next door after all, and they may remember to keep the noise down.

If you’re not really the talking type, then send over a polite letter. And if all else fails, you might have to grab a few pillows, place them over your ears and turn a blind eye.

Let’s just hope that they’re only annoying neighbours once or twice a year!