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Neighbours – we can’t live with them and we can’t live without them. It’s safe to say we’ve all experienced many different kinds of neighbour during our lives, some of which are more annoying than others. Take the noisy, up-at-all-hours neighbour for example, nobody wants to deal with that.

But what do our neighbours do to get under our skin exactly? Here at Furniture Choice, we were curious to find out so we’ve surveyed the nation to discover what actions and traits place our neighbours firmly in the ‘irritating’ category.

The sound of slamming doors and loud arguments are true signs of an annoying neighbour, according to 31% of those surveyed. When neighbours don’t care about the decibels they’re emitting, it can really invade your personal space. Cars can cause a real issue too, creating unwanted friction between neighbours. 29% recall the feeling of exasperation after discovering their driveway blocked by a neighbour’s car, and 24% have even revealed that they’ve found a neighbour’s car parked in their own space!

Things seem to get worse, with unsightly garbage bags being a huge pet peeve for the aesthetically conscious. 23% label neighbours who leave rubbish outside of their house the most annoying, and we don’t blame them! Nobody wants to see trash piled high or strewn across the garden, and we dread to think of the smells…

But are we innocent ourselves? Strangely enough, 94% of Brits wouldn’t call themselves an annoying neighbour, but a third are annoyed by their current neighbour’s behaviour. Are some of us unaware that our traits might be a cause for concern?

To help you to be the best neighbour you possibly can be, here’s what you can do:

1. Avoid making your neighbour constantly collect your parcels

Once in a while is fine, but remember your neighbour isn’t your postman. If you’re going to be out during the day, why not get your parcels delivered to work? Alternatively, consider selecting a ‘pick-up’ point at the checkout and collect your own parcels from a chosen location.

2. Never block your neighbour’s driveway

It might be frustrating if you have two cars and only one space, but don’t be tempted to park on the street if you end up blocking your neighbour’s drive. Consider renting a space elsewhere if it’s a constant problem. A cheaper alternative to a traditional car park may be to rent out a space from someone in your neighbourhood. Send out flyers to see if anyone has a spare space they’re not currently using.

3. Never park in your neighbours car space

This one really doesn’t need an explanation. Unless you have permission from your neighbour, it’s never okay to park in their driveway. If you’re struggling to find a space, see point two for an alternative solution.

4. Be considerate when playing your music or watching television

We’re not going to ask you to turn your music or TV down so you can barely hear it, but perhaps think twice if you’re pumping BeyoncĂ© out at full volume in the early hours of the morning. If you’re planning a party, or even a cinematic viewing in your living room, make sure to politely inform your neighbours first. In some cases, you could even invite them along!

5. Remember to return items if you borrow them

Don’t become the Homer Simpson in the relationship and take advantage of a friendly neighbourino! If you borrow an item make sure you return it. It’s so easy to forget, we know, but if you leave yourself a reminder around the house or on your phone, you’ll always remember to bring it back.

By following these few simple steps, you can easily avoid becoming the neighbour everyone hates. Let’s just hope your neighbours read this too and take on board our advice!