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The nights are darker, there’s a distinct chill in the air and there’s no denying that the weather is very, very wet. While those might all sound like negatives, what it really means is that the opportunity to adopt the hygge way of life has arrived!

Light some candles, grab a blanket, and discover what hygge is all about – find ways to bring it into your living room this winter.


Hygge is a state of mind

Originating from the nation that’s often listed as the happiest country on Earth, there is no literal translation for hygge. Pronounced “hoo-ga”, the term is more about a feeling than a physical act.

It’s the feeling you get when you’re surrounded by friends or family, and are having a giggle. It’s the feeling you get when you’re all snug and cosy on the sofa when it’s raining outside. It’s the feeling of eating amazing food and drinking lovely drinks in the best company.

The essence of hygge is about enjoying all the best things in life in the most comfortable way. Read on to find out how we’re bringing that all-important hygge essence into our living rooms this year.


Mix and match your textures

The quintessential ‘hygge’ look is one of contrast. The notion of hygge isn’t one that gets in the way of practicality, so durable wood flooring and hard-wearing fabrics are often utilised – but let’s face it, resilience doesn’t scream cosiness!

Pair these hard qualities with soft, fluffy notes for the ultimate hygge textures. Throw mismatched cushions onto your sofa, and add a sheepskin rug on the floor for a strong contrast. Accessorise your living room with bold concrete-style vases, and fill with soft floral arrangements.

Hygge corner sofa


Less is more

Texture is an important part of creative the ‘hygge’ vibes, but another fundamental part of adopting the feeling is to not overdo it. Clutter is distinctly not hygge!

Danish and wider Scandinavian-style design fully embraces minimalism as a design aesthetic, so adopting this is a natural step in bringing hygge into the home. Opt for the ‘less is more’ and ‘quality over quantity’ approach. Ditch the knick knacks, and instead hand-pick statement design pieces.

Must-haves on the hygge checklist include: a quality knitted blanket, a collection of three chunky church-style candles, and a favourite mug to enjoy a hot drink in. Ditch the polyester blankets, assortment of jazzy tea lights and ceramic mish-mash of mugs you’ve collected over the years – hygge offers the perfect excuse to have a clear out and maybe invest in some new, quality items.

Hygge midcentury armchair


Adopt a Scandi colour scheme

One final way to help hygge find its way into your home is to take a look at the colour scheme of your living room. Hygge is all about finding a calm happy, and typically Scandinavian calm equates to natural tones.

Varying shades of grey, white and cream are all strong options in the hygge theme. While it might be a bit drastic to get the paint and rollers out, opting for those cosy touches in muted tones can help ensure that the additional Scandi design-friendly props you bring into your home remain as accessories to your hygge.

After all, hygge is a feeling, not something that can be bought – but creating the right atmosphere can only allow hygge to blossom!

Scandi hygge sofa