Furniture Choice

Although it’s impossible to distill any culture into just a few bits and pieces, there are plenty of countries and cultures that are simply oozing with style. Let’s take a look at a few simple ways to bring a different cultural flavour to your home.



Japanese décor favours an open, airy space focused on peaceful simplicity. Open-plan areas are essential, partitions and screens between rooms, and minimalistic window dressings rather than heavy curtains are a great way to achieve a more spacious feeling with plenty of natural light. You could swap carpets for wood flooring with light rugs, too. Colours should generally be kept clean and minimalist.

Japanese decor

Be sure to add plenty of touches of nature – wooden furniture, and lots of greenery from houseplants and window boxes. Furniture is often low to the ground, too – particularly beds and tables, with lower chairs or floor cushions in place of higher benches and stools.

Japanese room



The hallmarks of Parisian décor are instantly recognisable as being among the most elegantly luxurious in the world. White walls are a must for giving a clean, elegant and traditional style, which you can then layer with darker shades – blacks, deep reds and coffee browns in particular. Touches of gold are essential – a large mirror or pictures with golden frames add that regal touch.

Paris decor

Decorate with long drapes and chandeliers, cover wooden floors with plush, comfortable rugs, and make sure rooms are overflowing with art – paintings, photographs, sculptures and ornaments. Soon you’ll be hosting the most popular Salons in town!

Paris room



There’s plenty of ways to get a Scandinavian feel for your home without shopping at a certain furniture store. The influence that the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway and Sweden have had over interior design has been massive and, combined with the other Nordic countries of Iceland and Finland, there’s endless ways to evoke a décor from these beautiful lands of lakes and trees.

Scandi decor

Much like Parisian styles, whites and woods feature heavily – but instead combined with earthier tones – greens, dark blues and charcoal greys. A much cosier aesthetic is essential, contrasting soft furnishings with angular lines. Combining stylish modernism with a homely country feel is the key!

Scandinavian decor



Chicago has to be one of the most stylish cities in the US, mostly thanks to its stunning Art Deco influenced styles that, despite being rooted in the 1920s, never seems to go out of fashion.

Chicago decor

Think lavish, retro styles! Monochrome black and whites, but plenty of deep reds too – and don’t forget chrome! Suites are a later invention, so stick with individual statement pieces rather than too much matching. Deco-style furniture never goes away, so you won’t struggle to find some great pieces.

Chicago decor



You can go one of two ways for a Moroccan style – either a bold white, or rich dark colours should drive your décor themes. Either way, make sure you pick out plenty of patterns for cushions, carpets and curtains – particularly mosaic-style looks.

Morocco decor

Cushions, pouffes and colourful throws should cover every seat, and seek out metal ornaments to give a traditional Moroccan touch. However, furniture should be in a dark wood – choose wenge where possible for an authentic finish.

Morocco decor


Let us know if you have any tips of your own in the comments below…