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We were at Grand Designs Live last weekend and saw a wide array of exciting new products from the futuristic to the simply bizarre!

Take a look at our top 8 unusual accessories…


1. Mirror TVs

The Mirror TV is an interesting idea, when not in use it looks and works like a typical mirror, but switch it on and it’s a TV screen! A great way to hide the TV when you’re not watching it, but what happens when you need to look in the mirror in the middle of Bake Off?

TV mirror
Grand Designs Live



2. Silver Letters

These embossed letters would look so cute on a child’s bedroom wall! It works for adults too though, on the desk of a home office perhaps.

Grand Designs Live


3. A Poodle!

This one’s a bit… different. But if you’re looking for a splash of colour, it definitely has it!

Grand Designs Live


4. High Gloss Fish

These are really cool if you have an underwater-monochrome style room. (it could happen!)

Grand Designs Live


5. This Bulldog Head

Ok… even we can’t come up with a decor idea for this one! It would probably be more at home in an art gallery…

Grand Designs Live


6. Cube Clocks

These cube clocks have loads of potential, they’d look really good on a desk or on the bedside table of a modern bedroom.

Grand Designs Live


7. Battery Powered candles

These flameless candles are extremely realistic, a great alternative if you have pets or small children who would prevent you from using real ones.

Grand Designs Live


8. An Unusual Radiator

A radiator that doesn’t fade into the background! Having a vertical radiator can be extremely useful, especially in a smaller room where a horizontal one may limit furniture arrangements. And the hooks mean you can still hang clothes on it.

Grand Designs Live
















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