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It’s all about rattan.

Hot on the heels of bohemian style, this warm, natural material has been making its way back into our Pinterest boards – and our homes. Its effortless, vintage appeal and versatility makes rattan a great accessory, and in lots of different forms too.

If you’re unsure of where to begin, we’ve compiled some ideas and inspiration for this beloved natural fibre. Read on below!


Baskets and wall art

rattan baskets and wall art

[Image credits: The Every Girl, Made by Carli]

Small accessories like baskets are great examples of how practical rattan can be, while doubling as subtle, cute ways to organise your space. Rattan baskets and dishes look great both filled and empty, or placed on the floor or even mounted on a wall.

Using rattan as wall art instantly creates a breezy, calm interior that can swing towards modern or rustic, depending on your taste.


Everyday furniture

practical rattan furniture

[Image credits: The Family Love Tree, The Rattan Collective]

Hear us out – we truly believe that rattan puts the ‘extra’ in extraordinary. This simple, woven material lends a wow factor when used in everyday items like a bedframe or cabinet, which you might normally see constructed from solid wood.

Its hard wearing and weather resistant properties also makes rattan a great choice as outdoor furniture, making it even more versatile for those times when you’re reimagining your home on a budget. For a hit of charm and an idyllic, vintage feel around the home, you can’t go wrong with this iconic material.


Cool seats

rattan chairs

[Image credits: Furniture Choice, Lonny]

Thanks to its strong and lightweight qualities, rattan is a favourite pick for seating arrangements. Rattan dining chairs will instil instant island vibes while also offering a pleasing style update.

For high counters and surfaces, rattan bar stools stand out as a punchy statement. We love this example from Lonny where the stools’ nautical colours match the blue vases perfectly.

large rattan chairs

[Image credits: Oh Happy Day, Agent of Style]

If you’re looking to bring a tropical feel to your living room instead, a hanging chair – complete with comfy cushion and blanket – is the perfect retort to sweater weather season, and is great year round for kicking back.

And in lieu of an armchair, go with a striking peacock chair (also charmingly called the fan chair). These gorgeous, woven seats were once reserved exclusively for royalty, but today their boho-glam appeal is easily accessible (and Instagrammable too!) for the home.


Unique statement pieces

rattan statement pieces

[Image credits: Domino, Sugar and Cloth]

There are other ways to make an impact without making huge commitments like a rattan bed or sofa.

Unique pieces like a bar cart or even a nifty folding screen will definitely perk up your living area with a vintage-meets-tropical vibe. This approach makes rattan an interesting focal point, without coming across as overly conspicuous.


Lighting ideas

rattan lights

[Image credits: Furniture Choice,