Furniture Choice

It’s not just fashion that changes from season to season, and with so many of us eager to keep our homes up to date with the latest interior trends, it’s currently the perfect time to plan ahead and begin updating your home for 2017. January is swiftly approaching, and we’ve got the latest on which trends are set to be big for the new year.


Geometric Everything

Geometric Decor

Modern, eye-catching and effortlessly cool, we’re turning to geometry to find our interior inspiration for 2017. With an emphasis on sleek clean lines and unusual shapes, you’ll be able to find geometric dĂ©cor in every single section of the home department.

Ultra-modern prints will take over, from quirky wallpaper to cushions and even rugs. It’s not just about textiles either, geometry will feature everywhere from candle holders, lights, shelves, pictures frames and clocks… the list is endless.

When it comes to colour, anything goes. Stay classic and cheek with monochrome prints, add a hint of copper, silver or gold for a splash of elegance or be bold with loud, contrasting colours.


Mandala Prints

Mandala Prints

If bold, geometric prints are too harsh for your home, try the softer, more circular mandala print. Inspired by Buddhist and Hindu culture, the mandala is a beautiful design that symbolises the entire cosmos.

The intricate print is set to be particularly popular on wall hangings, bedding, cushions and throws.


Into the Jungle

It’s time to go green, and 2017 is all about bringing the outside into the home. Embrace nature, whether it’s by adding plants into a room or by decorating with lively tropical prints.

Plant decor

Tropical Leaf Print

The Swiss cheese plant, alongside the banana plant and palm leaf, are key prints to look out for this year. You can be as bold or as subtle as you’d like with this tropical leaf trend. Opt for tropical print wallpaper on an accent wall to inject a touch of the tropics into a room or select smaller illustrated leaf prints to frame and place around the room.

Bright greens, azure blues and gold leafing work perfectly with this exotic print, but it can also be toned down by adding faded greens or pastel shades. Tropical print cushions and fabrics are another fantastic way to add this on-trend print to a room, and they add texture and dimension as well.

Aloe vera

The cactus has been a popular choice for many years now, but 2017 is all about a prickly green plant of another kind. Needing very little maintenance, succulents are the perfect plants for homeowners with a busy lifestyle.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, these little plants add a touch of green into the home and make wonderful decorative pieces. Opt for marble, stone or copper plant pots for a modern touch.

Certain succulent plants don’t just look pretty – they’re practical too! Gel from the Aloe vera variety has renowned soothing properties and it’s a fantastic home remedy for sunburn.


The modern-day alternative to a garden, terrariums were massively popular in 2016 and the trend is certainly going to continue into the new year. Ideal for apartments without any outdoor space, these little glass globes play home to miniature forests that are crafted completely by you.

Succulents tend to be the most popular plants to place into terrariums, requiring very little water and surviving in most climates. Lay down the soil, arrange your plants and then add in any decorative items like stones and crystals. If you need some design advice, Pinterest is a great place for terrarium inspiration.


Decorating with twigs and branches is a simple yet unique way of adding a hint of the outdoors into the home. Create a rustic feel by keeping the branches natural, or turn towards something sleek and dramatic by opting for a painted branch. Choose bright, vibrant colours to create a statement or select white and metallic branches for a contemporary, elegant look.


Go Bare

Exposed brick walls

Fuss free seems to be the theme of 2017. When it comes to the walls in your home, leaving things au naturel is set to be a huge trend for the new year. We have a feeling that exposed brickwork, plastered walls and an overall undone feel will be extremely popular.

Keep those walls unpainted and untreated – which is great news for those who want to save a bit of time and money. If your walls are already painted, it’s time to strip them down and go back to basics.


Hints of Neon

Velvet Sofa

Neon shades in the home might sound alarming, but injecting small hints of bright pink, green or even orange against a neutral colour scheme is a playful way to add character to a room. Look for small decorative items in bold shades, or choose neutral cushions or throws with neon edging. This trend isn’t about being brash or overwhelming a room with clashing colours – keep it subtle!


Map it Out

Map Decor

Maps are always popular in the home, but this year interior designers are branching away from the traditional modern map and getting creative. Look for vintage designs, use map stencils to paint the maps directly onto the wall or even opt for something a little bit more adventurous like maps made from laser cut metal or map shaped shelves.


Mason Jars

Mason Jars

Perfect for parties and picnics, Mason jars are quickly becoming the cute but quirky glass of choice. With many popular bars serving cocktails in them, it’s unsurprising that the trend has made its way into the home. They look particularly great with smoothies and cocktails, and they certainly transform a normal beverage into an Instagram-worthy drink. Just don’t forget to add a striped straw as a finishing touch!

And the fun doesn’t stop there, get creative and the humble mason jar can be effortlessly transformed into the perfect dinner party centrepiece in no time.

Make sure you head over to our carefully compiled 2017 Pinterest board for more home décor inspiration!