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We visited the Ideal Home Show 2016 in London’s Olympia on its opening day. From the innovative Time Saving Home, to Good Homes Magazine pages brought to life, to tips from top interior designer Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen, here is a review of everything we saw at the Ideal Home Show…

Olympia London

Established in 1908 the Ideal Home Show is the largest home show in the world, bursting with 208,010 sq ft of inspiration for every room in the home.


Time Saving Home

One of this year’s show homes is the Time Saving Home, featuring time saving technology such as a device to clean your windows and a tap with instant boiling water. Here’s our peek at what’s inside…

Time Saving Home

Highlights from the kitchen include an oven that cleans its own grill and a tap that will save you 10 minutes every time you make a cup of tea due to its instant boiling water.

Time saving dining room

Moving into the living/dining room we spotted self-watering plant pots, mood lighting controlled by your smart phone and some brilliant floor cleaning robots to quickly suck up any stray crumbs.

Charging side table

In the bedroom, a clever wireless charging table – simply place your phone onto it and it will charge while you sleep. And a closet that has two rotating rails that can connect to your smart phone allowing you to choose your outfit with a few swipes of your screen. Definitely a time saver!


Our favourite bits of time saving tech have to be the Winbot which cleans your hard to reach windows for you and the Bath-o-Matic which lets you control your bath from your smart phone – you can control the temperature, scent and even bubbles!


Good Homes Magazine Roomsets

One of our favourite parts from this year’s show has to be the Ideal Roomsets. Good Homes Magazine have brought pages of their magazines to life and we loved every one of them!

Good Homes Room Set

The meadow dining room features Scandi furniture in oak colours teamed with fresh yellows and white with plenty of nature sprinkled on top.

Meadow Dining

In the botanical living room calming greens and greys are used to great effect with gold highlights and dark wood furniture.

Botanical Living Room

The kitchen has a chic, industrial look with a mixture of matt, pastel colours and natural wood contrasting with a variety of metals. The result is sharply stylish whilst remaining homely and inviting.

Industrial Kitchen

In the bedroom there’s a peaceful coastal theme featuring pastel pinks, dusty greys and natural sand colours. A fresh, relaxing room to unwind in.

Peaceful Bedroom

The glamourous look of this bathroom is created using art deco shapes and symmetry with luxurious golds and marble effect. The shades of pink complement the style perfectly.

Glamorous Bathroom



Laurence Llewellyn-Bowen’s Home Truths

We went along to the Ideal Super Theatre to hear one of interior design’s biggest names give some fantastic advice for the home.

Laurence Llewellyn Bowen

Here are our favourite tips from the show…

Making a room feel bigger:

    • Always bring focus to the middle of the room; never draw attention to the walls as this will only make the space feel smaller.
    • To make the most of light team white walls with a dark, shiny floor which will bounce the light making the room feel much brighter.
    • Lay laminate diagonally in a small room to avoid making it feel like a corridor.
    • If you have a protruding wall such as a chimney breast it’s tempting to draw focus to it using wallpaper or by painting it a different colour. Instead, draw attention to the walls behind it. Here’s a really good example:

Chimney Breast

Using colour:

  • Pale blue is a great colour to make a room feel more spacious
  • Steer clear of bright reds in a small room as it can make it feel smaller
  • Be careful when combining shades of green as they often clash, however you should be safe with reds as they almost always complement one another



Trends To Watch Out For

The Ideal Home Show is a great place to spot new trends, take a look at what we spotted:

Marble effect table tops

Marble Dining Table

Marble Side Table

Sofas with adjustable headrests

Adjustable Head Sofa

Adjustable Sofa

Crushed velvet upholstery

Velvet Chair

Velvet Sofa



Our Favourite Finds

With over 200,00 sq ft of exhibition space the show was positively bursting with interesting and unusual things to see. We’ve narrowed down a few of our favourites:

Colourful Bulldog

A super colourful bulldog, can’t decide if it goes with nothing or everything…

Chalk Fridge

This chalkboard fridge is a brilliant idea!

Pet Cushions

Not sure if we’d have these on our sofa…

Desk Lamp

Absolutely love this desk lamp

Eames Chair

A super stylish Eames inspired chair to relax in

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights – super trendy for this year

Pod Chair

A relaxing pod chair to curl up in with a good book

Retro Gaming Coffee Table

An awesome retro gaming coffee table

Root Table

This glass table has tree roots for a base, amazing!


These shelves have a really cool retro vibe

The Rest Of The Show

The Ideal Home Show isn’t just about Interiors; don’t miss the huge garden exhibition, food & drink, fashion & beauty, live cooking demonstrations and of course all of the places to shop and eat.


The show runs until 3rd April and you can find tickets on their website. Have you been yet? Let us know what you thought in the comments!