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Pantone’s It-colour of last year is still going strong. To the new decorator, green may come across as an intimidating, daring shade at home – but this cucumber-cool tone is anything but. Read on for our tips of working in the green, from a big to subtle way.


Green Walls

Yes, you read right. The colour synonymous with renewal can be a great shade for the living area or even the bedroom. Similar to its navy cousin, green evokes a sense of calm while serving as an appropriate colour just in time for spring.

pantone kale decor

[Image credits: Left: Pantone, Right: FrenchyFancy]

We love this striking contrast of green and white; while it’s not a full paint job, feature walls make a pretty good impression on its own. The yellow sofa balances out the colours well, while the room’s styling with natural materials creates a modern bohemian cool.

Check out our own take on the green feature wall in our Modern Manor style guide.

lush meadow bathroom

[Image credit: Right: Trine’s Wardrobe, Left: Pantone]

Green in the bathroom? Not quite the usual creams and blues but here its serene jewel tones work beautifully against the pink. The gold accents on the faucets and piping lend a regal, Moroccan air – bath salts and massages included separately.


Green Furniture

Most people still balk at the thought of having a green couch or cabinet, but the results can be really stunning. Here are two lovely examples to get inspired from.

green sofa

[Image Credit: Oh Joy!]

White walls, no problem – designer Joy Cho made her green couch the star in this symmetrically styled space. The magenta armchairs and the bold rug are just as noteworthy, but the thoughtfully framed couch is undeniably the statement piece here.

green dining chairs

[Image credit:  Filippo Bamberghi for Casa Vogue]

Green dining chairs are a subtle way of inviting this tropical shade into your dining room. Totally versatile pieces, they can easily be paired with glass or wooden tables. Alternatively if you’re tapping into your aristocratic side, consider a white table or a marble design instead.


Green Decor

An easy and flexible way to sneak some green around your home, our third option is for anyone who is looking to explore the trend without making a heavy commitment.

green accessories

[Image credits: H&M]

Green pillows and throws are a quick upgrade for both comfort and style. Different shades of green work well with light or dark furniture, and if you’re opting for a more artsy look, go for prints. Small accents like green candles or ornaments are also chic choices, however we suggest planning ahead with a curated selection to avoid over-decorating.

The natural option would be welcoming the outdoors in with foliage. From leafy greens to adorable succulents, the options are plentiful; if you need an introduction to styling and maintaining your greens, visit our how-to guide.

Is there a tip that you’ve been looking forward to try? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below. Even better yet – share some of your green styles with us!