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Whether you live in the tallest block of apartments or in the tiniest of towns, everyone should be able to enjoy a wonderful garden, no matter how much (or little) space they have. That’s why we’ve gathered some great ideas for how you can create your own little garden, indoors. Whether that’s with beautiful blooms or your very own herb garden – grab those gardening gloves and embrace some natural greenery!


If you’re thinking about adding a little nature into your living space, have a think about what would grow best, and what you want to achieve. For example, if your home doesn’t always catch the sun, you may wish to avoid plants that need a lot of sunlight. has a brilliant table that identifies how much sunlight certain house plants need, found here. According to the article, Aloe Vera may just be perfect should you get a lot of light, whereas something like a Peace Lily would thrive better in darker homes.

You could even organise your indoor plants by room. This means you can enjoy their presence throughout your home, but safe knowing they’re getting the right amount of light and love that they need!


In the kitchen

Kitchen gardens are another popular way for the green-fingered among us to enjoy a garden with limited space. Here, herbs are the perfect choice to grow in the kitchen, resulting in lush green leaves and a beautiful scent! According to, they’re pretty straightforward to maintain when grown inside. An article on their site found here explains how with a few tips, you can keep herbs such as basil, chives and parsley on your windowsill – simple!

Once your herbs begin to grow, you could be adding fresh basil to homemade sauces, garnishing dishes with fresh sprigs of parsley or cooking up a storm with some beautiful smelling rosemary.

Indoor Herbs


Incorporating plant life inside your home can be great, but what’s even greater is when you find quirky ways to display them, recycling bits and pieces from around your home. Providing they have plenty of space to grow, you can keep your plants in just about anything. This great post from shows how you can even use old newspapers to make homemade planting pots.

Providing you keep an eye on the moisture levels, you could use anything from cleaned out ice cream tubs to old unwanted desk drawers! Get creative with your planting and the possibilities are endless.

diy pots

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