Furniture Choice

Reimagining your home is one of the great pleasures of decorating your space.

All rooms offer fresh possibilities, limited only by square metres and that strange window placed at an odd height that refuses to cooperate.

But once everything has been moved in and settled, a surprising source of happiness might be looking at furniture in your house and seeing it anew.

A rug can be a beautiful wall hanging, a foot stool could be a side table, and a dining table could make for an elegant, sturdy office table. Here we’ve gathered some of our favourite examples of how to make this work in your home, along with some table recommendations…



Oak and Glass
Left to right: Country Living, Tate Dining Table

A sturdy oak table is a great foundation to plan your home office around. The table adds a lovely rustic touch, which you can dress up with shades of cream and white, modern chairs and even metallic accents.

Oak table desk
Left to right: Country Living, Kensington Table

If your tastes run in a more classic direction, a table with ornate leg details might do the trick – elegant, without going over the top.


Dark wood

Dark wood table desk
Left to right: Architectural Digest, Milton Table

Contrast a clean and simple dark wood table with a light, airy room for some gravitas, while still having a room that will give you space to think and create.


Glossy white

white gloss desk
Left to right: Glitter Guide, Kew Table

On the other hand, a white table is a great sophisticated option to throw some light against a darker background, creating an expansive feel as well as a calming mood- especially handy if you’re working with smaller spaces.


Glass and chrome

glass desk
Left to right: Architectural Digest, Orion Table

A chrome and glass table immediately creates the look and feel of a modern office – but for your home, soften it up with warm wooden tones for a cosier, more welcoming atmosphere.



marble table desk
Left to right: DecorPad, Strata Table

They say you’ve got to act rich to get rich – and a marble table in your home office might just be the very epitome of that. Luxurious, classic and perhaps a little unexpected, this look is perfect if you’ve always enjoyed having a little flourish in your day.


So instead of swapping out your old dining table, follow our lead and give it a practical and stylish new spot in your home office. Or if you’re looking for a new table to start from scratch, browse our extensive range of dining tables to get started.