Furniture Choice

Green is having a moment in the interior world, with the shade ‘Greenery’ being crowned Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017. While it’s a lovely zesty shade that symbolises new beginnings, it can feel slightly too vibrant for some tastes.

If you’re keen to incorporate a hint of green into your home, but would perhaps prefer something subtler, khaki is brilliant colour to use. Primarily a brown shade with a green hue, khaki can look beautiful almost anywhere in the home, from the kitchen to the master bedroom.


Find your perfect hue

There’s an entire range of tones to explore when it comes to khaki, from dark to light. Neutral and inoffensive, the shade compliments an entire spectrum of different colours, and works particularly well with other neutrals, such as grey, cream and black.

According to our own research, many adults avoid the shade ‘dark khaki’, a deeper version of traditional khaki tones. Despite it’s darker hue, this green-toned brown typically acts as a neutral colour, allowing you to pair with bolder colours – why not try burgundy, orange or midnight blue?

Khaki with pastels

Light khaki, meanwhile, can look stunning with pastel shades of blue and pink, or used to create a soft contrast with white, cream or ivory. Associated with nature, it’s known to have a soothing effect, helping people to feel calm, relaxed and at peace – ideal for bedrooms or the lounge.


Complementing the nation’s favourite colour

In our recent survey, we asked UK residents about their favourite colours for the home. Blue, in a selection of different hues, came out on top with medium turquoise and dark cyan crowned the nation’s top two colours overall.

Khaki accents

Whether you love bold shades like royal blue or prefer more muted tones, khaki compliments the nation’s favourite colour without making the room feel overdone. While you might not initially put the two together, including a pop of khaki – either in the form of an abstract piece of art or through small pieces of décor like vases – can bring life into any room.


Adding subtle accents

Channelling khaki in the home doesn’t have to involve a complete makeover – adding subtle hints of the neutral hue can just as easily transform the home. It can look sophisticated or casual, depending on how you choose to style the shade.

Soft khaki textiles, such as woven throws and textured cushion covers, can help any room in the home feel cosy. If you’re a fan of Hygge, adding khaki into the mix can offer something different without disturbing the overall relaxed atmosphere of the room.

Khaki scandi midcentury

Creating an accent wall with dark khaki can also be a simple yet impactful way to channel the colour into a room – for an elegant touch, pair it with deep wooden furniture.

When it comes to interiors, the most important thing is to choose colours you love, rather than what’s on trend. While khaki might not be the nation’s favourite overall, it can certainly work wonderfully and add plenty of character to any home, both modern and traditional.