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Chalkboard paint really is one of those “exactly what it says on the tin” things – it’s a paint that can turn almost any surface into a chalkboard! There are plenty of home hacks you can create with chalkboard paint, and they’re all really simple – take a look at some of our favourite ideas below.


1. Picture frame chalkboard

Chalk Frame

Starting with an obvious one – just your general purpose chalkboard that you can hang anywhere for notes, reminders, and so on. But pick out picture frames – or even mirrors will work – for a particularly lavish touch!


2. Chalkboard wall

Chalk Wall

Don’t be afraid to go big! Coating a whole wall will need a lot of chalkboard paint, sure, but the rewards are well worth it for any creative home. Create big and beautiful designs, delight a dinner party by sketching the menu on the wall, or just leave the family five-foot high reminders to tidy up after themselves.


3. Jar labels

Chalk Label
Pumps 7 Iron

If you’re constantly rearranging your kitchen supplies and always forgetting which herbs are in which jar because they’ve got the wrong label – or no label at all – then this really quick fix will help you keep on top of it!


4. Kitchen cupboard organiser

Storage Hack

We love this fantastic idea for the inside of a kitchen cupboard door – give every utensil a proper home and label, and keep measurements close to hand.


5. Chalkboard wine glasses

Chalk Wine Glass
Mannenwereld Onze Wereld

Put an end to the party faux-pas of accidentally nabbing someone else’s drink by dipping the foot of the stem into chalkboard paint – everyone can then write their name on their own glass!


6. Place settings

Place Setting

Perfect for parties, weddings, or even just family dinners, chalkboard place settings can be decorated to suit every meal, labelled for every diner, or left blank for kids to doodle to their hearts’ content while they wait for dessert.


7. Chalk-and-cheese board

Chalk Cheese

This is a great idea – paint up some serving dishes or rectangular plates and label up what you’re serving. You could even add some tasting notes to do away with having to explain what’s what and get down to the important task at hand: eating all the cheese.


8. Chalkboard mugs

Chalkboard Mug
Amanda of Wit & Whistle

Chalkboard paint plus mug equals: a great way to mark up whose brew is whose, label milk and sugar preferences, or just leave a note with a cuppa. It doesn’t have to be as nice as the example pictured – “you’re making the next round” or “rinse your mugs out for once!” could prove helpful around the home.


9. Kids’ chalk city

Chalk City

This is really sweet – cut some building shapes out of wood (don’t forget to smooth and varnish the edges to avoid splinters), and paint them with chalkboard paint. Your kids can then design, destroy, and re-create their own little chalkboard city!


10. Chalkboard chest of drawers

Chalk Drawers
Apartment Therapy

Perfect for keeping organised! Paint bedroom drawers (or maybe an office filing cabinet?) with chalkboard paint and label up what goes where. No more wasting time rummaging through every drawer in the morning!


Let us know in the comments if you have any chalk paint hacks of your own.