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It’s officially the time of year where cosy knits (sweater weather!) and your favourite seasonal drinks come back in full force. But marking the changing of the seasons doesn’t have to entail dumping our favourite trends from summer: cheerful pastels are shaping up as a look that can go the distance, in the form of different shades and richer tones.

We walk you through some tips and tricks on getting a cosier, sophisticated pastel interior below.


1. Switch from bright shades to muted hues

Grey sofas pastel decor

[Image credits: Darwin & Harlow from Furniture Choice]

Pastels for autumn? Yes, it’s possible! Taking cues from the season’s longer nights, do away with bright colours like fuchsia and yellow and introduce shades like blush pink and dusty blue instead. These two colours pair extremely well, particularly against a dark blue or grey wall for a calm, welcoming feel.

Muted pastel interior

[Image credit: Stranger Than Vintage]

But just as the quality of light in autumn isn’t that of summer’s high bright intensity, these shades are also distinct from summer’s millennial pink and soft sky blues, with grey undertones and a muted, creamy quality.


2. Get inspired by nature

Nature Colour Palettes

[Image credit: Design School.Canva]

Mother Nature knows best, as we’ve so often experienced through her stunning vistas and the changing of the seasons. And with autumn fresh upon us, it’s a good opportunity to head out and explore – all with the purpose of gathering inspiration of course!

An easy reference point would be the forests, with their changing colours, and the fewer – but no less beautiful – flowers that blossom in autumn. Here you’ll find the usual russet, reddened tones, but also the pale pinks and lilacs of crocuses and dahlias.


3. Play with contrasts

Blue walls with pastels
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Quieter pastels such as dusky roses really shine when placed alongside darker colours such as midnight teals and greys, and also play well with stark, modern designs and the warmth and elegance of natural wood.

Black tones with pastel highlights
[Image credits: The Lux Pad]

This manages to pull together two major colour themes of the season: inky, mysterious autumnal hues and blackened tones, as well as lighter, sweeter pastel shades. Together, they make for a space that has just the right dose of elegance, edge, and sweetness.

Using a rug or coffee table with a strong graphic element further grounds the lightness of pastel – perfect for the more elegant feel of this season.


4. Dial up the cosiness with different textures

Grey textures and pastel shades

[Image credits from left to right: Furniture Choice, Owner Built Design]

We’ve stressed this before and we will do so once more – textures will always lend a soft, cosy feel to a space. Think elements like a fur rug, a knitted throw or even a gorgeous velvet couch to instil the familiar fuzzy feeling that we associate with autumn and winter.

This pairing combines the light-heartedness of pastel with the warmth and homeyness that we all look for at this time of year. This works well in living areas and the bedroom, inviting you to really relax and get cosy.


5. Accessorise

Pastel wall decor

[Image credits: EAT furniture]

We know, we know, we’re starting to sound like a broken record (that’s played here, here and here specifically) but adding small accents really is the best way to slowly find your way into a trend, especially if you’re not 100% convinced.

Pastel decor touches

[Image credits: Assess My Home]

Soft, small touches of muted pastel shades – such as the overhead lamp shades here – can add up to make a huge difference in terms of mood, adding levity and whimsy to your home.

Do you plan to include autumn pastels in your home as the seasons change and the leaves fall? Let us know in the comments, and share your own tips and tricks for transitioning your home from season to season.

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