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Pastels – love it or hate it, this trend is having its moment in 2017. From clothing to desserts, the pastel palette has also now officially expanded to homes. Read on for some how-tos on nailing the pastel look with confidence.


1. Introduce smaller elements that can be moved around

Pastel Candles

Green Pastel Dining

[Image credits: Anthropologie candles and Furniture Choice dining set styled with indoor greens.]

The idea of pastels might still evoke the feeling of a nursery or a kid’s room, but actually, small doses around the home can keep things sophisticated and fresh. Inject little hints of colour in the form of flowers or candles to enjoy this trend, or use it as a way to slowly ease yourself into bringing in more pastel elements.


2. Pair it with traditional designs

Pastel Mirror

Green Pastel Dining

[Image credit: The Perennial Style, Pinterest]

Pastel has established itself as a millennial-trend, but it plays well with the classics too! In fact, combining these soft tones with architectural pieces like a traditional cabinet or wardrobe allows the design to shine on its own without being too loud.


3. Have a feature piece

Pastel sofaPastel kitchen

[Image credit from left: Pinterest, Sugar and Cloth]

Pastels may be subtle, but they have the potential to be the focal point of a space – especially the living room where you entertain friends and family. A sofa or a retro-inspired refrigerator will definitely get you compliments in droves.


4. Introduce textured accents

[Image credits: Line Klein, styled by Emily Henderson]

An easy way to have fun with this would be bringing in pastel coloured throws or velvety pillows to brighten up your space – for instance, quartz pink and grey is a chic, neutral combination to start with.


5. Prints + pastels = stylish fun

Grey Sofa Pink Wall

[Our Harlow sofa styled against bold prints and a soft backdrop.]

This is an excellent opportunity to unleash your creativity, as pastel colours and prints can do no wrong. You can tie your living room arrangement together with an eye-catching geometric printed rug, or deck out your room in a retro-inspired, 80s look.


6. Complement your pastel pieces

Pastel Glass Windows

Paint topped chairs

[Image credits from left to right: em_henderson on Instagram, decor8]

If your pastel furniture has really grown on you, you can incorporate similar colour elements to the space but be careful not to overdo it. A good place to start would be matching pastel dining chairs in the dining room or curtains in the living area to complement your sofa or rug.


7. Style pastels with metallics

Pastel and Metallics

Pastel Kitchen

[Image credit from left to right: Wolf and Stag, Blog Lovin’]

The perfect ingredient for adding some edgy cool: metallics will always be chic. Green and mint will pair well with gold, soft pinks and corals instantly transform with brass, and light blues are perfect with silver.


8. Go bold with black

Black and Pastel

Pink Brick Kitchen

[Image credits from left to right: Blog Lovin’, Casa Vogue]

It might sound a little strange, but pastels and the colour black make a stylish pair. Introducing black in the form of a wall or furniture lends a bold, modern vibe, balancing the ‘softness’ of the pastels. If you’re unsure of where to begin, mixing blacks with a dusty pink is a chic foundation to build on.


Aesthetically pleasing pictures aside, which of our pastel tips will you be trying out? Share with us your thoughts (or photos) in the comments.

[Header image from No Home Without You]