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You’ve seen it all over Pinterest and probably across Instagram too – everyone’s looking to join the bling ring. Having gold at home will definitely perk up your space, but how do you attempt this look without blowing your budget?

We weigh in with some wallet-friendly ways to achieve the gold standard at home:


1. Decorate as you would accessorise

White sofa in blue room

[Image credits: Furniture Choice]

A golden rule when it comes to accessorising is to keep your baubles subtle and simple – unless you’re going for a bold, statement look. This also rings true for home decor; gold is an eye-catching, sparkly element and looks best when introduced in small doses.

Gold cushions

[Image credits: Domino]

For instance, having light fixtures or even pillows in the living room is a simple, stylish solution without making a huge commitment.


2. Mix gold with other textures

white room gold features

[Image credit: Tessa Neustadt for Homepolish]

You don’t need a lot of shine to evoke a feeling of glamour and luxury as after all, less is always more. Pair your gold decor or furniture with textures like velvet or fur to soften the look while dialing up the cosiness.

Blue sofa with cute dog

[Image credit: Decor Pad]

This works especially well when it comes to adding visual interest to a room with a few key metallic pieces while balancing out the hard, shiny edges with softer touches. Furry friends are totally optional, but a welcome addition!


3. Impermanence

removable wallpaper

[Image credits from left to right: Domino, Stephen Knollenberg]

This tip is perfect for aspiring decorators who love experimenting with trends. Removable wallpaper is on the top of our list as a fun way to embrace daring looks, without the frustration of doing a major revamp in future.

If putting up wallpaper isn’t your cup of tea, we suggest going with metallic-accented artworks or prints that can be easily moved around while adding a great dose of style and character to the space.


4. Position gold decor around natural light

pattern in the home

[Image credits: Decoholic]

This is the perfect opportunity to let your pieces step into the light – strategically, of course. If you’re only looking to get a few choice items, we suggest styling them close or around a source of natural light at home.

Gilded decor will effortlessly shine, drawing attention to your space while capturing a chic yet homely atmosphere.


5. Get crafty

gold crafts

[Image credits from left to right: Lovely Indeed, Blitsy]

Who’s up for some good old-fashioned arts and crafts? Making your own decorations allow you to tweak projects to your own personal taste, while getting the look for (a lot) less.

blue piano

[Image credit: Sincerely Sarah D]

From incredibly simple hacks that include gilded pencil holders to breathing new life to old pieces around the home, the possibilities are truly endless. Also, there’s something satisfying about putting the finishing touches to a DIY project that you’ve laboured over – with amazing results as proof.

With our tricks and tricks above, are you inspired to try applying the Midas touch to your home? Check out our colour report on this shiny element or share a hack that we left out!

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