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It is without a doubt one of the most iconic living rooms in the world. Who hasn’t watched an episode of Friends and longed to have an apartment just like Monica’s? From the purple walls to the French posters, let us show you how to inject a bit of Friends style into your home.


1. Choose A Wooden Floor With A Large Rug

Monicas Apartment From

Instead of carpet use a large rug on wooden floor. Using rugs to map out different areas is a great technique if your space is open plan. Above it creates a divide between the living and dining areas. This apartment has a 70s style effect that will be difficult to recreate but any wooden floor will work.


2. Don’t Match Up The Armchairs


Monica’s armchairs don’t match her sofa in style, colour or pattern but they’re still similar enough that you don’t immediately notice. As long as you have space for all of your friends here that’s the most important point! A footstool is perfect for extra guests and doesn’t take up a lot of space.


3. Choose A Neutral Sofa

Monica's sofaComedyCentral

Make sure that your sofa and chairs don’t compete with your walls or accessories. The key to achieving Monica’s apartment style is not to have any one stand out piece, but to bring everything together. It’s easy to create a space that is too busy if you’re not careful so if you do opt for a patterned fabric, keep it simple.


4. Add Plants And Flowers Wherever Possible


Monica has leafy ferns by the TV and sometimes puts fresh flowers there too. The top of the fridge often has small plants or fresh flowers, as does the beam next to it. There was a chilli plant in the kitchen window at one point and there are often more fern-type plants dotted around the place and plenty of fresh flowers throughout the years. Take a look at our guide to indoor gardening when choosing your plants.


5. Use Lamps and Sconces

Monica's LampsNBC

Rather than ceiling lights, opting for table lamps and sconces (wall lights) is the way to go here. The Friends apartment has a lot of vintage pieces so try your local used furniture stores or charity shops for the same feel when picking out lamp shades.


6. Use Both Curtains And Blinds Together

Curtains and &

All of Monica’s windows have both curtains and blinds. This can achieve a really polished look! Go for a vintage style if you’ve done the same with your lamps.


7. Mix And Match Coffee Tables

Small Tables

Not everyone has the space for all of the occasional tables that Monica has but if you do, be sure to choose antique or antique-look side tables to fit in with her style. Choose wooden, glass, painted or all three! It doesn’t matter, you get free reign here, as long as it has that worn, chic vibe.


8. Put Rugs, Cushions And Throws… Everywhere!

Apartment ThrowsWarnerBros

Having a neutral sofa means you can change the style of throws and cushions at any time. The more you add, the cosier and more homely the place will start to feel.


9. Feature Exposed Beams


Exposed beams are a must! If you don’t have real beams you can fake it – we found a fantastic guide by Jenna Sue to take you through it step by step.


10. “Has it always been purple?”


Painting the walls purple is the quickest way to achieve an instant Friends feel. You don’t have to opt for the exact same shade to still pull off the look, try something a little paler if your space isn’t as light. We really like this colour by Designer Paint.


11. Hang French Art On The Wall

French Posters

This Jouets poster is instantly recognisable as the one above Monica’s television set, but rather than simply choosing the same one you could add your own spin and hang a different vintage French poster and still achieve the same effect.


12. Accessorise!

Friends DecorWarnerBros

When choosing accessories use Monica’s for inspiration. Keep an eye out on eBay and Etsy for Friends inspired pieces, or pick out your own. In the kitchen consider hanging plates on the wall or even the side of the units if you have space.


13. Choose Turquoise In The Kitchen


Make sure some of your cupboards don’t have doors so you can proudly display your nicest cups, books and containers. If you don’t have an exposed brick wall use brick wallpaper to achieve the same effect. Old fashioned appliances are a nice touch if you’re changing them too.


14. Use Mis-Matched Chairs With A Round Wooden Table


A wooden table like this is perfectly suited but if you don’t want to change your current chairs simply paint them different colours to achieve the mis-matched décor look. If your chairs don’t have seat pads use floral patterned cushions and make sure any tea towels you might have on display are floral too.


15. Hang A Gold Frame In Place Of A Picture

Friends Gallery

We think this would make the perfect addition to a gallery wall! You can create your own with this great guide from Instructables and spray it gold to match the rest of your frames or buy one from Etsy. Leave it empty or put a photo of your own gang inside for an extra personal touch.


16. Paint Window Frames Black

New York

Big or small, painting your window frames black achieves a wonderful New York apartment feel, even if you don’t have a balcony overlooking Manhattan behind them!


17. Take Inspiration From The Expert

Friends Apartment DecorWarnerBros

If in doubt, think “eclectic taste with a flea-market, whimsical, and anything-goes style”
This is how Greg Grande, the set designer on Friends who created this apartment, describes it’s style.


If you have any tips to get the look of Monica’s apartment please let us know in the comments!