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When your home doesn’t have a garden of its own, or the great British weather means you never get the chance to enjoy the one you do have, how do you get your nature fix? Take a look at these ten great – and really simple – tips for adding a splash of green and an outdoor vibe to any home that are a little more exciting than your standard potted plant!


1. Wall-mounted herb garden

Wall Herb Garden

Fill your kitchen with rich herby scents and keep recipe essentials close to hand at all times by covering a wall in lush greenery. Herbs grow really well indoors, so wall mount some lightweight planters close to natural light and watch them sprout!


2. Hanging jars

Hanging Plants

This is a really nice minimalist way to display some of your favourite smaller plants. Perfect for succulents, cactuses or flowers, and the glass jars give a cool below-the-surface view


3. Terrarium features in all shapes and sizes


Terrariums are little ecosystems that you seal in glass containers, and can grow everything from moss to cactuses to tropical orchids. Heat and light passes through the glass, and the plants create their own water cycle so they need very little maintenance. Amazing! Use jars, bottles and vases of all different sizes, and add tiny toy figurines for a splash of personality.


4. Indoor picnic table

Indoor Picnic Table

Choosing a picnic table for the kitchen or dining room is a great way to capture a rustic, outdoorsy vibe in the comfort, warmth, and dry climate of your home. Communal benches can make any gathering feel like a relaxed and friendly garden party.


5. Cast-iron grill pans

Grill Pans

Is there any food finer than barbecue food? It should go without saying that setting a ‘cue up indoors is a really bad idea, no matter how tempting it is – so opt for a slightly less exciting, but much safer option! A sturdy cast-iron griddle pan is the best way to cook up barbecue-style food indoors, and they come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours.


6. Indoor water fountains

Indoor Water Feature

Indoor water features aren’t just beautiful to look at – they’re soothing additions to any home. Close your eyes and picture yourself stretched out by a babbling brook, rather than hiding inside away from the wind and rain.


7. Miniature fruit trees

Citrus Plant

These have to be the best option when it comes to potted plants – an extra splash of colour around the home, with the added bonus of being able to pluck your favourite fruity treats straight from the branches.


8. Re-sprouting fruit and veg

Grow Avocado

Loads of household fruit and veg will re-sprout and re-grow from the scraps or seeds with very little effort – it’s easy to create your own quirky little indoor garden of things that wouldn’t survive outdoors. Re-sprouting avocadoes from the seed has to be one of the most unexpected and remarkable: just suspend it in water and watch it go!


9. Indoor planter

Indoor Planter

We love this simple indoor planter that combines beautiful greens and thick earthy soil with the practicality of an extra bookshelf. This is perfect for a smaller flat without a garden of its own, but without storage space to waste on houseplants.


10. The home hammock

Indoor Hammock

The greatest piece of garden furniture must be, without question, the humble hammock. What could be better than having one indoors? Make sure you have a sturdy place to hang it from, and relax garden-style without ever having to go outside.
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