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For any couple, living together can be an exciting experience especially for those living together for the first time. It can be both a learning experience and a time for compromise. Understanding and incorporating each other’s styles, tastes and likes can often be a skill in itself. Here at Furniture Choice we have pulled together our top 5 tips for living together to help you on the road to home harmony.


1. Talk about and share styles

Communication is top of our list, get used to talking about what styles you both like, share styles that you’ve seen online, on tv and in magazines. This on-going communication of tastes will help you to identify styles you both agree on. Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration and a great resource for sharing styles.



2. Make shopping fun

We know there’s different types of people out there, there’s those who love shopping and those who hate it. If you’re one of the lucky couples and you both like shopping then this shouldn’t be too difficult. However, if one of you strongly dislikes it, or worse – you both shudder at the thought, making shopping fun could be quite the saviour. Online shopping has never been easier, in just a few clicks of a mouse you can kit out your whole house. If you’re heading out, make a day of it, visit a different city and grab some nice lunch to break up the day.

online shopping


3. Plan the space

Before you hit buy on all those lovely new items plan out where they are going to go, no one wants the “I told you it would be too big” conversation. If you don’t have a tape measure there are some great apps out there to help you measure the space in your rooms such as RoomScan Pro, a great app which after a simple touch on each wall with your phone will draw you out an accurate floor plan. It couldn’t be simpler.

Room App


4. Stay clutter free

From our research a large number of people claimed their partners most annoying habit is leaving their stuff everywhere. Make sure you factor in storage, especially for those with smaller spaces. Being strategic with storage can be extremely advantageous and make even the smallest of spaces look bigger and clutter free.  

Storage Sofa


5. Keep it neutral

When it comes to decorating, maybe consider keeping the walls a neutral colour or having a feature wall. This will allow you to alter the feel of the room throughout the year by changing up the softer furnishings. Changing the likes of curtains or sofa cushions can transform a room allowing you both to express your changing styles with very little effort.

neutral decor


If you’re moving home soon take a look at our home movers guide or share your own with us in the comments.