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Thanks to its simple, soothing colour scheme, monochrome has remained a popular interior design staple over the decades.

This minimalist palette is built on one base colour, allowing you to create a stylish, sophisticated aesthetic for your home. Black and white might be what springs to mind when you hear monochrome, but this method of styling with colour can also pair beautifully with silver and bronze hues as well as grey and wooden tones.

Here are some ideas on how to incorporate monochrome interiors in your home, for any era or aesthetic.


Mid-century Modern

airy dining
[Image credit: My Scandinavian Home]

Focusing on a classic, understated look, mid-century modern continues to have an enduring appeal with homeowners. This classic trend provides a clean slate to explore new textures and new forms in the home.

Monochrome bedroom
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With a monochrome colour scheme, take the chance to experiment with strong lines, organic curves and different materials. The juxtaposition between textures such as a cosy rug against wooden flooring allows your space to look uncluttered and sleek, yet cosy. Natural tones such as oak or beige complement the monochrome palette and also adds some warmth.


Graphic Retro

Houndstooth decor

[Image Credit: Haymes Paint]

When it comes to going big with patterns and graphic retro looks, there is nothing laid-back or minimalist about it. Decorating your home based on this trend is all about being bold and making a statement.

This is an incredibly fun way of incorporating a monochrome look or piece into your home. Experiment with patterns like houndstooth, checks and stripes for a quick, easy way to inject a playful dose of black and white into your space.

Using these patterns in a modish wallpaper or a funky sofa can help complete the overall look. And remember to have fun when decorating!


Art Deco

Art Deco Mirror

[Image credit: House and Garden]

Known for its decadent, highly polished finishes, art deco can be easily adapted to suit a monochrome colour palette. Furniture done in this style focuses on strong, streamlined shapes with carefully honed details, and can really shine in a monochrome finish for a modern feel.

Vertical lines and geometric forms are key art deco motifs and are also great ways to incorporate black and white into the overall decor. Add subtle brass or lacquer accents through your furniture such as door handles or brass feet for an old-school, glamorous finish and to keep the look from being flat.



White living room

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For a contemporary style, the key is simplicity. Softening a monochrome space with shades of grey in different textures can create a relaxing, cosy space.

Grey living room

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Another way to incorporate monochrome decor into the home is with art: black and white photographs or paintings add an engaging, personal vibe to your space and is a great way to showcase your tastes and interests.