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Sneaky superheroes: indoor plants don’t just spruce up your home – pardon the pun – they increase oxygen levels, purify air, and may even help reduce stress and boost creativity.

All this, while looking seriously pretty.

Good news too for people with black thumbs – the current crop (sorry, last pun, we promise) of indoor plant trends focus on quality over quantity. A few artfully curated succulents or air plants will give you as much impact as any profusion of green leaves.

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Left: Sunset Magazine, Right: Scoutmob

So how do you get started?


Talk to your Plant Guy (Or Lady)

plant experts

With the sheer amount of expert advice on Google (and even articles like this one), you may be tempted to just make a go of it. But when it comes to plant care, speaking to an expert can really pay off. Nothing beats hands-on experience and a person who can respond to your specific queries about your specific purchases. Which leads us to our next point.


Know your home

plants in the home

One of our favourite tips on how to find the best spot for your plant is to actually stand right where you envision that plant being. Is it warm? Is there a lot of light, whether direct or otherwise? When you’re planning to incorporate greenery indoors, these are all things to keep in mind.

Where in your home would be great? Perhaps a warm nook in the living room or kitchen that gets sunlight every evening, or an airy spot in the bathroom that only enjoys indirect light – all good ideas, but each would probably require a different plant or imaginative rearranging.

Heat and air conditioning vents are generally problematic areas though, and plants that need a lot of sun would need to be near a window that faces south. If less light is required, then east and west facing windows are best, while north-facing windows don’t give much in the way of sun.


Sometimes love just ain’t enough

plant soil

And on that note – maybe you really, really want a flowering plant, but there isn’t a spot indoors that will provide it the right airflow. Or the succulent you want so badly might not flourish in your mostly artificially lit home. As The Stones sang – you can’t always get what you want.

It would be best to be pragmatic, and identify which plants would best suit your home and lifestyle with one of those experts we talked about earlier. That way, you have a much better shot at avoiding the frustration of brown leaves and wilted plants.


Build a routine

plant heads

Treat your plants as you would your pets – learn their likes and dislikes, and build a routine around them. It might be helpful at the start to keep some notes and reminders at hand for when to water your plants (especially if they run on different schedules!), before it becomes part of the fabric of your day.

Another simple way to have a healthy plant routine is to give your plant a quarter turn whenever you water it to keep it balanced, growing and healthy.

Good luck!

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