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A simple and elegant storage solution: good shelves can also offer a touch of style and imagination to the home.

And when it comes to these elegant leather strap shelves, the best part is there’s no need to spend a fortune to get this Scandi-inspired, minimal trend into your home since this look is easily customisable and a surprisingly quick DIY.

Read on for how to create your very own set of shelves, complete with a textural twist.


What you’ll need

you will need

You’ll need 2 leather straps, a shelf, and screws. We were going for a simple, tonal look so we went with tan leather, but feel free to experiment here. Our straps were 5 cm wide and 135 cm long – again, you can try out what you find best for the look you’re going for, but they’ll need to support what you place on them and be long enough for the width of your chosen shelf.

As for the shelf itself – anything will do here. You can choose to dress up an old shelf, buy a new one, or even use this technique for a particularly charming piece of driftwood!


Step 1

Step one

To begin: neaten up the edges of the leather straps with scissors, and then make a small mark on the strap to indicate where the screw will go.


Step 2

step two

Taking care to line up the marks, repeat Step 1 on your second leather strap. This will ensure that your shelf sits straight.


Step 3

step three

Fold one strap in half so the 2 ends meet, creating a loop. Then affix the screw to the mark you made in Step 1 and fasten the leather loop into the wall.


Step 4

Repeat Step 3, and measure the width of your shelf to determine where your second loop should be fastened to the wall. There should be some space overhanging the straps.


Step 5

step four

Thread your shelf through both your loops – and you’re done!



DIY leather strap shelf

And there you have it: a quick, easy and very stylish shelf DIY that will easily hold whatever you want it to – decor, little treasures, flowers – and look great doing it too.

If you’re planning on doing this and adding your own spin to it, do share the results and tag us in your photos! (@furniturechoice on Instagram)