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There’s not long to go until the most exciting event of the year – the Great British Bake Off final! A big part of the Bake Off fun is getting involved, whipping up your own baked treats for you and your family and friends to tuck in to while it’s on – but what to do if your baking attempts usually end in disaster?

There’s no need to despair – there are plenty of other ways to throw a great Bake Off party! Here are a few of our favourites.

On your marks, get set…



Bake Off Bunting

Go twee or go home! Bunting is always a classic look, so hang some pastelly triangles to get everyone in the mood for cake. If you’re spending less time baking, then indulge your creative side by whipping up some floral paper garlands like these:

Book Page Flower Garlands

Make sure everyone’s got a comfortable spot to curl up and watch the final Bake Off showdown with liberal application of appropriately-themed cushions – we absolutely love these biscuit designs from artist Nikki McWilliams:

Cute Biscuit Cushions
Nikki McWilliams

And, if you prefer to dim the lights, add a cosy glow to proceedings with this great idea for cupcake fairy lights, which could be put together in seconds:

Cupcake Fairylights




Stick the kettle on! Nothing goes better with baked goods than a cup of tea, and we love these mugs that have an extra compartment for biscuit storage:

Biscuit Holder Mugs

Or, if you’re looking to kick the party up a notch – without losing that vintage twee vibe – why not serve up some mason jar cocktails? Avoid the action-missing trips to the kitchen to top everyone off with one of these fantastic drinks dispensers:

Kilner Cocktail Dispenser




Whether you’re baking up a storm for your guests yourself, or slyly popping to the shops for some ready-made treats, it’s all about presentation. You can serve up value-range cherry bakewells and no one will mind if they’re presented on the right cupcake tray.

British Cherry Bakewells

Of course, you could think outside the box a little – breaking the culinary theme isn’t such a crime if you stick with the visual one. If munching on your homemade cakes while watching true culinary mastery at work on the screen makes you feel a little bit inferior, why not knock up a tasty rustic cheese board for you and your guests?

Rustic Cheese Board




Last but not least, it wouldn’t be a Bake Off party without the liberal application of some culinary wordplay, would it? Go on, make Mel and SueΒ proud!

Bake Off Puns


Let us know if you’re having a Bake Off party in the comments!