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Heading out on a first date this Valentine’s Day? According to our research, your best bet is to head to a bar for casual drinks if you want to impress.

We asked people across the nation to name their favourite first date activity, with a casual drink at a bar or pub coming out on top, closely followed by a meal at a restaurant and then going for a coffee.

If you were thinking about planning a more active date, you might want to think again. Our research revealed that active dates are the least popular of all, with just 1% naming mini-golf, a gym date or doing a physical activity such as rock climbing as their favourite first date.

But what about a traditional meal out? That’s the question we asked the nation and found that although most would eat on their first date if it was a casual affair and not a sit-down meal at a fancy restaurant, half wouldn’t feel comfortable eating on the first date at all! So, if you’re planning a first date it might be worth rethinking the restaurant reservation.

If you do go ahead with a meal out on the first date, there are certain foods to stay clear of. Garlic-laden foods and spaghetti were named by the nation as the top foods to avoid on a first date, followed by ribs, kebabs and fried chicken.

And it’s not just certain foods that turn people off - we also asked the nation about the top dining faux pas and the worst ones you could possibly commit.

Unsurprisingly, a quarter of those surveyed said speaking with your mouth full was the most off-putting dining faux pas of all time, but what are the rest? The top five are as follows:

  1. Speaking with their mouth full (25%)
  2. Eating with their mouth open (18%)
  3. Texting, scrolling or answering a phone call at the table (16%)
  4. Licking their plate, or using fingers to mop up sauce (14%)
  5. Licking their knife (7%)

If you’re heading out on a date this Valentine’s Day, we’d definitely recommend polishing up on your table manners to make sure you don’t commit any of the above!

Are you a fan of a romantic meal on the first date or would you prefer something more active? To find out what your ideal first date is, head to our quiz to find out.

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