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There are few things better than gathering family and friends around while the weather's fine to enjoy an evening together - and it's easier than you might think to make the occasion feel distinctly British.

Here, we've got some of our favourite hints, tips and tricks relating to the two most crucial elements when it comes to throwing the most elegant and fun handmade party of the summer. Enjoy - and let us know if you've got any other favourite ideas!

Food and drink

Beginning with, of course, the main attraction when it comes to a garden party - the food and drink! You could opt to host a delicious BBQ if the weather is fine, or if you'd prefer to have everything sorted beforehand, you could go traditional and prepare finger sandwiches and mini cakes. Salads and fruit platters always go down surprisingly well when the sun's shining too, so be sure to stock up on fresh supplies when preparing!

Peach lemonade in Mason jar

When it comes to the drink, soft but flavoursome fizz goes hand-in-hand with a summer party. Of course you could buy it all in, but we're almost certain you won't find anything as delicious as this peach lemonade recipe! Adults might well find that it goes especially well with a dash of peach schnapps for an added fruity kick…


It's simply not a garden party until there is some bunting hanging! Though you'll find paper versions readily available in shops, if the weather does turn, they unfortunately don't stand a chance against the elements. Instead, why not gather some old fabric and pinking shears and whip some fabric bunting up yourself? Glorious Treats and Boho Weddings both have great, easy to follow tutorials - you might be surprised how simple it really is!

Party decoration on wooden fence.

If the party goes well, you might find it's still in full swing when the sun begins to set. To avoid everyone standing on your flowerbeds, it's a good idea to put together some decorative (but also highly functional) lighting to avoid any muddy feet! Simple tealights in jam jars placed along any pathways can look charming, but costs next to nothing with a little savvy recycling. If you're feeling brave - and you're not likely to have children of that particular height charging around - you could even hang them from a strong branch of a sturdy tree.

Candles in jars strung up with string

Though these are just a few parts to making a whole garden party, we think once you've got the main components down, the rest will be a breeze. Enjoy - and happy garden partying!