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Now is as good a time as any to take a good look around you – is your home in need of a little TLC?

If you find your bad habits in the home are in need of addressing, fear not. There are some simple steps you can take to banish the bad habits, and refresh and rejuvenate your interior for a home that's stylish, uncluttered and a pleasure to be in.

Dealing with clutter

Fortunately, dealing with clutter is easy once you put your mind to it. Trying to tackle the entire house in one day can be daunting – it's much more manageable if you break it down into smaller jobs. There are some great de-cluttering guides out there, like the 31 Day Detox which takes just 15 minutes per day for one month to banish the clutter from your entire house.

When it comes to the decision to keep or throw away items, there are some simple questions you can ask:

  • Do I still use it?
  • Will I use it in future?
  • Is it in good condition?
  • Does it have sentimental value?
  • Is there a place for it in my home?
A desk and shelf stacked with books.

If you can't answer yes to at least two of those questions, it's probably time to discard - whether by selling it, giving it away to charity or someone who will have a use for it, or throwing it away.

Once you have sorted through all of the clutter, it's time to find a place for all the items that made it through the screening process. Often people find at this stage that they simply don’t have enough storage for all of their belongings. In fact, this is often the reason that clutter accumulates in the first place. To banish the bad habit for good, invest in a good quality chest of drawers to keep any odds and ends organised.

White and minimal workspace.

Wooden Furniture

Keep your wooden furniture looking as good as new by giving them a new coat of varnish if they start to look worn. As wood is a natural product, it is affected by the surroundings, and will become worn out, cracked and chipped from continued use and changes in the atmosphere caused by central heating for example. Not only will varnishing rejuvenate the furniture to its former glory, but it will also protect and restore the wood for longevity.

Rustic wooden shelves with assorted decorations.

Soft Furnishings

Maintaining your soft furnishings requires care and attention. Regularly used furnishings like sofas and bedding will require frequent cleaning to keep them looking attractive. Most sofa cushions have removable covers for machine washing, but the arms are vulnerable to stains, dust and dirt. You can buy upholstery cleaning products from most supermarkets which penetrate into the fibres for a deep clean. Other soft furnishings like curtains and dining chairs require less frequent cleans, but shouldn't be overlooked if they start to look a little shabby.

Grey corner sofa with a light grey rug against a brightly lit interior.

Small Details

It's the small details that make all the difference, from polishing door knobs and oiling creaky hinges to hanging pictures and paintings neatly. It's also the most affordable way to refresh your home interior without completely redecorating. Try rearranging your furniture if you grow bored of a room – it may give you a completely new perspective and make the space feel totally different.

To keep on top of your home maintenance, it’s a good idea to make a list each month and set aside one day to tackle all of the tasks. With regular maintenance your furnishings will last longer and look better – meaning you won't have to shell out on new furniture as often!

White vintage-inspired stairs with framed photographs.


One big mistake that many make when it comes to their interior is not factoring spending into their budget. Money management is difficult at the best of times, and people can be loath to part with their hard earned cash on items for their house. From functional necessities like storage to decorative items to personalise your home, factoring the spending in to your budget will help you to see the value in your interior and how much of a difference a little investment can make.

Whether it's putting the pounds aside each month to be able to replace the sofa when it finally gives in, or simply giving yourself a small allowance to keep things looking fresh with a new rug, vase or painting - spending money on your home is an investment, not a waste.

Assorted black bedroom furniture.


When it comes to style, often functionality comes before aesthetics, especially for busy families and those who are strapped for cash. But allowing your interior style to slip leaves your home looking flat and tired, and can cause you to feel the same. You spend a lot of your time at home, so it's important that it is a positive space where you feel comfortable and relaxed.

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to style in the home is clashing designs and themes in one space. While mismatched décor is very much in vogue, this is actually quite a difficult look to achieve and often requires a lot of thought. Pairing your chintzy, squashy armchair with a sleek, minimalist coffee table and boho throw rugs is not going to have the same effect.

Multicoloured decor and elements.

Instead, it is a good idea to pick a theme for each room in your house and stick to it. For example your kitchen could be rustic, your dining room modern and elegant, and your living room cosy and traditional. Making these changes doesn’t have to break the bank – furniture can be upcycled with a lick of paint to match the rest of the room, and throws, ornaments and lighting can go a long way to make a place feel more polished. If you think your furniture is in need of updating, shopping at Furniture Choice means that refreshing your home doesn’t have to cost the earth.