• Britain's sad sofas: our top tenYou entered in your droves, and here are the results!

    Here at Furniture Choice, we loved looking through every single one of your sad sofas, and have compiled our favourite entries in our list below. From the stuffing-less to the naughty pets, it seems Britain's sofas are in need of a major overhaul.


    This sofa itself doesn't look overly sad (in fact, that wonderful throw is quite cheerful!), but who are we to deprive this cute little doleful pup? He'd clearly prefer something a little bit jazzier to curl up on…


    There's nothing worse than a stumpy sofa - thank god for this handy stack of magazines preventing this model from becoming a rocking chair of an entirely wrong kind.


    Clocking it at number eight, it appears this two-seater may well have seen better days. Stains, pulls and exposed stuffing all combine to make a very sad sofa indeed.


    This brown leather number looks as if it's fallen out with a paint can rather spectacularly. Naughty children or a misguided attempt to paint a festive snowman? We'll never know…


    This little number look like it may well have seen better days. Or perhaps better decades - we're not really sure you could sit on this at all. Definitely time for a new model!


    We at furniture choice hate to see an unloved sofa left alone at Christmas, which is why this poor chap brought a tear to our eye, with nothing but his can of cola for company.


    Cracked black leather can be a nightmare to clean, leaving annoying marks all over the house and in places that can lead to some very embarrassing questions. Oops!


    We love a family who know how to make the best out of a bad situation, so this reindeer fashioned from a cracked sofa certainly made us smile. What a jolly fellow!


    Taking our number two spot, just look at these sad siblings! We may not be able to see much of the sofa, but from these two's expressions, they're not having a very nice time sitting on it at all.


    No treats for Rover this Christmas - after pulling all the stuffing out of the sofa, he's certainly in the doghouse! Luckily for him, he's not going to be in trouble for long - his antics have just won his family a brand new sofa! Congratulations Marie Iley from Essex.

    Honourable mention

    Having looked through all of the entries, we wanted to spread a little festive cheer to one extra lady. Kath Fowler sent us a touching video of her poorly sofa, all dressed up as Santa Claus. After hearing that she couldn't afford a new model in the wake of her husband's death, we thought we'd wave our fairy wand and grant her a brand new sofa for Christmas too. Congratulations Kath!