• Style predictions: summer 2015You'll notice that, throughout these themes, there are some definite constants in this season's styles.

    Prints are still in fashion, in a very big way, and are frequently paired with more muted backgrounds to allow for maximum impact. What's more, we're seeing more and more green tones and shades appear - something of a surprise when you take into account the fact that colour experts Pantone felt that Marsala would be the most popular colour this year! Though, the reign isn't over for the rich, earthy red colour just yet, as many popular styles have the scope to embrace Marsala too.

    Take it tropical

    Think big with the tropical theme. From palm trees to parrots, it gives you the freedom to go a little crazy with patterns and colour blocking. Forget pastel shades; the tropical theme is all about bright, bold colours on fresh, white backgrounds - perfect for really letting the style pop.


    Cushions are a great way to bring that touch of the tropics into the home. Good quality cushions with removable covers that can easily be thrown in the wash will stand you in good stead for years, while cheaper options are a great choice if you're looking to just give the theme a sample before making a bigger commitment to the style. Opt for palm trees with hints of greens and even blues, or go the opposite end of the colour spectrum with jazzy flamingos!


    The tropical theme is a great one for getting creative with your colours and clashing your patterns. The brighter the better here, if you can stand it, and vibrant, almost haphazard hanging frames are a great accent to a cushion-covered sofa!

    The knack is in selecting patterns that clash in a complementary way. Though you can mix it up with shapes, sizes, colours and designs, keeping your purchases on a definite tropical theme means that there's no meandering away from a set style to something that's just a bit of a visual headache!


    Love the theme, but reluctant to clash? Keep it simple with white linens and wooden notes, complemented by just a dash of tropical charm.

    However fully you embrace this style, these bold patterns and accessories are nothing without a perfectly slick base on which they can sit. Wooden options like this Miami antique pine bed help with bringing nature back into the tropical theme, and ivory or cream leather sofas offer a simple and luxurious base for your new range of tropical cushions!

    Ocean hues

    You don't have to have a beach house for a home to bring the ocean inside. With shades of white, blue, aqua, green and even grey and purple, the colour palette for an ocean-inspired home is more varied than you might think. What's more, you can bring plenty of different textures and other styles into play within this style, which manages to be summery while still maintaining a cool, opulent chic.

    As with the tropical theme, it's with the accessories that you can really bring the style into the space. From statement rugs to handmade candle holders, the aim of the ocean game is to bring as many different textures into the space you're looking to decorate as possible.


    Soft, silky cushions can look great against more earthy hessian and burlap notes, and lit candles can gently bring the fire element in to contrast against the vivid water tones. Of course, one sure way of bringing the ocean indoors is with wall art. Think big canvases as statement pieces on the wall, easily accessorised with pieces in similar colour tones.


    The best thing about ocean hues is their compatibility with many other colours and materials. Light, soft blues work as well with light woods as they do with chrome and metal textures, and deep shades of grey and navy can look utterly stunning against darker woods. Glass dining tables work brilliantly well with these theme, as do well-defined metal beds - but that's not to say that wooden furniture doesn't work too!


    Embrace the world

    Anyone that's a hippy at heart will embrace this theme with open arms. Combining geometric shapes, tribal patterns and arrow motifs with plenty of hard woods and soft fabrics, the worldly, ethnic style is on the rise again this season.

    For those that have embraced crisp, monochromatic Scandinavian looks in their home before but now find themselves craving a bit of colour and substance, this is the ideal theme. Pair patterned, black and white cushions, rugs and art with bright and earthy tones to create a more modern theme with hippy values!


    Adding notes of paisley can subtly bring the 60s vibe back into play, as can adding textures of velvet, and again, rustic materials like burlap, cheesecloth and hessian. In terms of colour, opt for cooler blue tones or warm things up with rich reds - either way, be sure not to mix the two to nail the modern take on hippy-chic.


    With this earthly style, wood most definitely rules! Combine dark wooden bedframes like the Minuet Wenge with lovely light, fresh linens to make this look really stand out, or embrace lighter tones with pieces like wooden dining furniture that can then be deepened with hessian table runners and rich red or navy vases.

    Though just our predications, if these themes are anything to go by, we reckon that your interiors will look simply stunning this season - no matter which style you choose! Happy planning, and enjoy getting your home ready for summer.