• New Year Upstyling'New year, new start' might be how the saying goes, but when you've got a house, a family or a career to maintain, completely wiping the slate clean isn't an option.

    These 'big three' might require consistency, but that doesn't mean at least one of them can't become a focus for the new year - by which, of course, we mean the home. Far from moving house or remodelling, there are always ways to give your home a new lease of life without changing any important factors of it.

    Introducing Marsala

    Sometimes, blowing a breath of fresh air into your home can be as simple as updating a sad-looking piece of furniture, replacing some home accessories or even adding a lick of paint onto a particular wall. Whatever the extent that you're willing to go to, a dash of modernity will never go amiss in the home. Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2015 is Marsala - a rich, earthy mix of red and terracotta, and we've got the lowdown on how to introduce these, and other modern hues and patterns into your home.


    Though there's not much to be done in terms of the actual fittings in a kitchen (that can be an expensive change just for appearances' sake!), it's with the useful bits and pieces that make a kitchen that the main look can be updated.

    Shelving units are always useful, and selecting colourful shelves can bring a good splash of new colour into your room. Though it's important to select shades that are likely to match you're existing colour theme, monochrome is very on-trend right now - and black and white quite literally go with anything.


    Opt for black shelves, and give your mugs, trays and even your plant pots a stylish, monochromatic update to create a statement area that's useful too!


    Similar to the kitchen, the main components of your bathroom are parts that will be costly to update - especially if it's not an update that's really needed. Instead, it will be the accessories of your bathroom that are most easily changed.

    Traditionally, blue tones are best embraced within the bathroom, with many taking the very mid-2000's choice to give their wash-spaces a nautical theme. Nowadays, red, blue and white stripes are increasingly difficult to find. Warmth rules the roost in the bathroom, and it's the perfect place in which to implement that Pantone favourite, Marsala.


    The new year is always a brilliant time to update your collection of towels (hello, January sales), so why not opt for these warm tones to help dry you off? You can echo this with everything from a painted ceramic toothbrush holder to a new shower curtain - be that patterned or colour-blocked - creating a lovely, cosy atmosphere in which you can enjoy a relaxing cleanse.


    Of course, less can always be more. A subtle nod to the Pantone colour would work perfectly with some patterned tile decals. Chose a complimentary shade, or bring elements of monochrome into the bathroom to jazz up your tiles. The removable nature of the decals means that you don't have to invest in a long-term tile style commitment, offering the perfect chance to give something new a try!

    Living Room

    Now we've moved past the two most impractical rooms to upstyle, we can have some real fun. The living room is where most families spend their time together - whether that's cosying up to watch a film, playing games or informally socialising with visitors and friends. The living room can really be the heart and the soul of a home - offering the perfect opportunity to embrace the warming tones of Marsala with a good dose of patterns to boot.

    No matter if you've got carpets or wooden flooring, there are few spaces that cannot be enhanced by the introduction of a beautiful rug. Again, here you have a chance to introduce new colours or elements into your room without committing to a whole new décor style. Your neutral sofas, coffee tables and side dressers can, of course, stay put - but consider embellishing them with accessories to match that coveted rug.


    From scatter cushions on the sofa to vases or a new magazine rack, there are many ways that you can implement a new colour for the new year without feeling constricted by it for the future.

    Of course, accessorising alone might not be quite enough for some - but be careful not to overdo it. Lamps and pouffes are a great way of bringing some larger blocks of that stylish Marsala colour into the room, and would look perfect paired with a cream sofa suite.


    If you'd prefer to forgo the accessories, why not take the other route of updating your furniture in the Marsala colour theme? Embrace the Marsala shade spectrum, and take a look at our Rio and Soho sofa styles - both of which would look fantastic paired with a fluffy cream rug, or with monochrome accents in the form of cushions and photo frames.

    Dining Room

    Though the living room might be where we spend a great deal of our time, it's also a place full of technological distractions. In fact, though we don't spend as much time in there as the lounge, the dining room is where families and friends can really come together and enjoy good food and company. As such, it's arguably equally as important to keep the space fresh and updated - nothing makes you want to spend more time somewhere than modern décor, particularly when it's as on-trend as these suggestions are.

    Storage in the dining room is always a tricky thing to perfect. Though you want to allow the table to take centre stage, a side unit allows the storage of placemats, table settings and all manner of bits and pieces when they're not in use - and we love this upcycled vintage set.


    You too could get this look by stripping paint and sanding down an existing wooden unit, painting with a base coat of grey or white, then adding a Marsala layer once it's dry. Then, you select the areas where you want the paint to look a little worn - on the edge of the drawers or on the corner lines are always a good bet - and gently rub away with some fine grain sand paper.

    Introducing a new dining table and chair selection into your dining room is always a sure fire way of giving the room that extra little bit of lift. This option from our Clifton and Boston range seems as though it was created with Pantone in mind, and would make a fabulous addition to any modern dining space. As well as patterns and monochrome styles, it's worth noting how brilliant wooden tones match the warmth of the Marsala red.


    As a room that's full of fabrics, there are few things in the bedroom that can't be updated for the new year. Once you've ensured that you've got a comfy mattress and a suitable bed frame, there's nothing stopping you from going Marsala mad!


    From curtains to throws and cushions, red is a lovely, cosy colour that's really suited to fluffy, knitted fabrics, but can also invoke a Mediterranean feel during the summer months - a perfect year-rounder!


    If you fancy taking it that one step further, you could embrace the notion of a feature wall - be that with a simple coat of paint or with luxurious patterned paper. The options really are endless, for both your bedroom and the rest of the home. Enjoy your 2015, and be sure to share any snaps of your upstyled new year home!