• Furniture barge-ainsAt Furniture Choice, our mission is simple: offering stylish and high-quality furniture at competitive prices, and delivering it direct to your door – wherever you might be.

    In order to provide the best possible service for our customers, we're introducing new delivery options so you can make sure that your dream furniture arrives in a way that best suits you. As of today, we will be beginning to roll out our canal delivery service across the UK, in response to comments from our customers who have been demanding this ever since we began.

    In keeping with our pledge to reduce waste and pollution wherever possible, canal deliveries are greener, subject to less traffic, and provide a safe mode of transportation that lowers the risk of damage to your items, provided it isn't raining.

    Ideal for the 42% of the British population who live or work along the banks of a canal, much like we do, it’s the quickest way we can get furniture out of our canalside warehouse, and on its way to you, the customer!

    Introducing CanalChoice™ and CanalPlus™

    We're offering two different tiers of our canal delivery service: CanalChoice™, the standard three-day delivery, or CanalPlus™, which utilises the power of two extra canal horses and half-a-dozen strong and eager men to get your items to you as quick as a flash.

    We have trialled these services extensively in the West Yorkshire area, and it has proven to be incredibly popular in pilot schemes. Only one major incident, resulting in a brief dredging of the area around Bingley Five-Rise Locks to recover a shipment of three gel mattresses1, has occurred, with all customers receiving full refunds under our CanalPensation™ scheme2.

    Less than 2? Sure can do.

    Please note that both CanalChoice™ and CanalPlus™ are only available for furniture measuring less than two metres on its shortest side, so items are guaranteed to fit through locks. CanalPlus™ is also only available for flat-pack purchases, as plotting routes that avoid low bridges seriously impacts delivery time3.

    Both canal options can also be upgraded to CanalChoicePro™ or CanalPlusExtra™ at a small additional cost, which provides flotation devices for all furniture, and maritime insurance up the value of £6994.

    DroneChoice™: flying in soon

    Continuing our pledge to make furniture delivery as convenient as possible, Furniture Choice is also excited to announce plans for DroneChoice™, an aerial vehicle that can deliver furniture direct to your door via unmanned flight – coming by the end of 2015.

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    Terms and Conditions

    • 1 Please note that Furniture Choice can no longer recommend gel mattresses as suitable flotation devices following this incident.
    • 2 Subject to tidal conditions, please call for details.
    • 3 Furniture Choice accepts no responsibility for flat-pack furniture damaged by leftover dust, debris, or fibres remaining in situ under canal bridges from Britian's formerly thriving mining industry. Your statutory rights are not affected.
    • 4 Insurance valid for no more than eight bells. Insurance provided in partnership with Chareth Cutestory Maritime Services.