• Customising cosiness

    It's the perfect time, then, to get on with making some soft, cosy loveliness for the coming winter months! From quilts to poufs, there's plenty of cosiness you can get stuck into crafting…

    Rest your head

    Anyone a dab hand with the knitting needles? If not, it's time you got acquainted - knitted pillows are more popular than ever, and it's not all beige cable knit. In fact, knitting has had a comeback, and bolder yarns have taken the place of neutrals. This jazzy number can be made following the pattern on inverleith if you've got the know-how.


    Not only are these cushions lovely and soft thanks to the properties of the wool, they add a lovely degree of texture to your living room or bedroom. In short, they could be the perfect accessory, and a handmade one at that.

    Put your feet up

    Taking the weight off of your feet, or even being able to swiftly whip out an extra seat when you've got unexpected guests are both great feelings - a sensation that's only magnified by being able to boast that you've made that particular pouf yourself.


    You can find the free knitting pattern (and some great top tips in the comments) over on Pickles. It's a lengthy project, but one that's definitely worth the investment in your time no matter the time of year!

    Hunker down

    The notion of making a patchwork blanket or quilt is quite a romantic one - especially if you're intending to make it for a friend or family member. It's even more special if you're able to use old clothes - especially ones that house some element of nostalgia - to create the squares within the quilt.

    Again, making a patchwork quilt can be a long process, but at the end you'll have something that is simply timeless and truly special. You can find great pattern suggestions and tips from Cherry Menlove and A Beautiful Mess.