• Why choose a Silentnight mattress or bed?We all want a good night’s sleep and the wide range of Silentnight beds on the market means that everyone should be able to find the perfect Silentnight mattress for a restful night.

    The UK’s largest manufacturer of branded beds, Silentnight has made more than 40 million beds since the company started in 1946. In the late 1990s, it introduced the new Miracoil® Spring System, which provides both comfort and stability. All Silentnight beds and headboards are made from FSC certified timber, where trees harvested are replaced or allowed to regenerate naturally, showing the company’s commitment to the environment.

    Choosing from the range of Silentnight beds

    Silentnight beds are available in four sizes: single (3ft), double (4ft 6”), king size (5ft) and super king size (6ft). If you already have a bed frame or divan bed that you want to keep but your mattress is starting to sag, you can buy a Silent Night mattress in all of these sizes. Silentnight divan beds are available as either platform top beds, for a firm sleeping surface, or sprung edge, with springs in the base for increased comfort and durability.

    Silentnight storage beds

    Ideal for storing spare bedding and keeping your bedroom clutter free, Silentnight storage beds are available as two-drawer or four-drawer divan beds.

    Silentnight mattresses – what to expect

    A Silentnight mattress will provide perfect support for each different area of the body. Specially designed to maximise pressure relief by spreading more of your bodyweight across the mattress, it will cut down on tossing and turning. A Silentnight mattress will also support each person sleeping in the bed individually, so you shouldn’t find yourself rolling into the centre of the bed when your partner changes position

    Different types of Silentnight mattresses

    The two most popular types of Silentnight mattress are the memory foam mattress and the pocket sprung mattress. By moulding to your body shape the memory foam mattress reduces pressure on your joints and can help relieve minor aches and pains. The company’s Miracoil mattresses provide excellent comfort and support, relieve pressure and prevent roll together. The Miracoil 7 mattress range has an extra cushioning layer with seven targeted support zones, including extra protection for your lower back.

    Other features of Silentnight beds

    As well as offering supportive pocket sprung systems and memory foam mattresses, the Silentnight collection has additional features available on various mattresses, including: A choice of support from medium to firm. Knitted fabric microquilt mattress tops. Allergy UK-approved Purotex covers to reduce moisture and keep dust mites at bay. Acupressure pads offering an added comfort layer with targeted support zones. Concealed tufting for a luxury firmer feel. Resilient EcoComfort fibre fillings. A choice of turn or no-turn mattresses