Sprung Mattresses

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A sprung mattress (sometimes called Open Coil) is one of the most well used sleeping formats available. They are so popular because they are comfortable and affordable as well as giving all over body support.

Sprung mattresses consist of open coil units within the mattress fillings that provide a high level of comfort. The individual coils are joined together in rows to create the product. A construction such as this means that when you press down on a spring you are actually manoeuvring those around you to give support, because they are connected.

The “bounce” or feel of a sprung mattress is changed using various spring thicknesses and strengths as well as the number of spirals in the coil. Extra rows of coil can be included to give extra support. The design means weight is spread evenly across the surface and in double beds prevents people being pulled together in the middle.

Additionally, where your body is heaviest is where the springs of a sprung mattress will press down the most and maximise support.

The sprung mattress is a versatile product which can be constructed to suit all degrees of firmness including extra support for a problem back.

Enjoy the perfect sleep with sprung mattresses

Don't put up with the strains of your old mattress, get a new sprung or pocket sprung mattress and enjoy a healthy and comfortable sleep. Our sprung mattresses from leading manufacturers are guaranteed for up to 5 years against normal wear and tear, so you don't have to worry about your mattress springs becoming damaged or losing their shape.

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