Relyon Mattresses

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With a choice of comfort ratings, springs or pocket springs, you'll certainly find a mattress to suit in the Relyon range at Furniture Choice. Each model provides its own unique benefits, whether that's lambswool, hand stitching, anti-allergy protection and a cashmere finish. The Relyon range comes in sizes up to super king size, so you can create the most luxurious of bedspreads from the choice found below.

  1. Relyon Single Mattresses

    Relyon Single Mattresses
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  2. Relyon Double Mattresses

    Relyon Double Mattresses
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  3. Relyon King Size Mattresses

    Relyon King Size Mattresses
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  4. Relyon Super King Size Mattresses

    Relyon Super King Size Mattresses
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  5. Relyon Memory Foam Mattresses

    Relyon Memory Foam Mattresses
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  6. Relyon Latex Foam Mattresses

    Relyon Latex Foam Mattresses
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  7. Relyon Pocket Sprung Mattresses

    Relyon Pocket Sprung Mattresses
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    Seven Year Hitch

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