Single Memory Foam Mattresses

You'll feel you're sleeping on a cloud on one of our single memory foam mattresses. Technologically advanced, compact and comfortable, each one guarantees a great night's rest. And at such great value, the price won’t give you sleepless nights either.

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Choice Memory Foam Single Mattress - Medium
Choice Memory Foam Mattress - Single
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Myers Pocket Fleetwood Memory Foam Single Mattress Myers Pocket Fleetwood Memory Foam Single Mattress
Pocket Fleetwood Mattress - Single
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Vogue Memory 200 Single Mattress Vogue Memory 200 Single Mattress
Vogue Memory 200 Mattress - Single
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About Single Memory Foam Mattresses

Memory foam mattresses offer comfort and support where you need it most to aid a restful night

Offering great comfort and support, single memory foam mattresses are an affordable way to luxuriate in a good night's sleep. Whether you're choosing your mattress for a child or a guest bedroom, or if space is at a premium, they make an excellent investment. And whoever will be sleeping on your single mattress, they?re sure of sweet dreams when you choose memory foam, a mattress choice renowned for its promotion of improved posture and blood circulation, and for the support it offers for tired joints.

Our single memory foam mattresses combine memory foam with high-quality fillings and open coil or pocket springs. The range includes additional options, such as memory foam pillow tops for enhanced support, hypo-allergenic fillings and temperature-responsive features. Some, for example, boast Coolfeel fabric, which disperses humidity built up by the body during sleep and keeps odours to a minimum, and Blu Cool memory foam, a cutting-edge new memory foam designed to reduce heat and ensure a serene night's rest. Allergy sufferers will also be relieved to know that many of our mattresses are also resistant to dust mites, and hypo-allergenic. They will fit most UK bed bases, and do not require turning ? making them highly convenient as well as comfortable. And with a whole array of comfort levels available, they're sure to send even the most restless sleeper happily into the Land of Nod.

A single mattress may seem like a small item, but the difference that the right choice makes can be enormous. Our range of big-name brands offers a guarantees of high quality and terrific value for money, and with so many advanced features to choose from, There's something to suit every requirement.

For more information take a look at our thorough mattress guide or why not take our to find your perfect match?