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you've chosen your ideal mattress, now keep it looking at its best with a mattress protector from Furniture Choice. Quilting, soft covers & those with allergen barriers available, you can be rest assured your mattress is protected and maintained.

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About Mattress Protectors

Extend the life of your mattress with one of our practical mattress protectors.

Whether your home is a lively one or more on the quiet side, accidents and spillages can happen that can reduce the quality or appearance of your bedroom furniture. We've all spilt tea whilst enjoying breakfast in bed, or mistakenly knocked over our glasses of water during our morerushed mornings. If allergies are a problem for you or your family, breathable, washable mattress protector could help.

Furniture Choice stock mattress protectors for every size of bed stocked on the site. Moses basket mattress protectors and children's bed protectors both give parents peace of mind that accidents won't cause damage. Our single, double, king and super king size protectors are similarly useful, protecting against the effects of everyday mishaps.

All of our mattress protectors are produced by Protect-A-Bed and come in basic, Allerzip, plush, quilted cotton and premium designs. Depending on the particular product, these are absorbent, waterproof, antibacterial, and protect against allergies and dust mites - the Allerzip design is completely bed-bug proof. Alongside these many features, some products have built-in quilting, are made from ultra-thin and indistinguishable materials, or can be used with electric blankets.

For such a low price, You'll get complete peace of mind, knowing that you won't mistakenly ruin the place where you spend large proportion of your time! Take a look through our wide range and find a protector that suits your needs.