Kayflex Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Combining the best of both worlds into one mattress, the Kayflex Pocket Sprung mattress has springs are very supportive of the body and spine, while also featuring a generous layer of memory foam for a delicious soft and weightless sleeping experience.

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About Kayflex Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Choose the unbeatable comfort and support of pocket springs

Kayflex Pocket Sprung mattresses are made with pocket springs that give excellent comfort and individual support as each spring moves separately to provide support where it's needed and reduces pressure. A light layer of memory foam adds a layer of softness and provides the sensation of both weightlessness and of being embraced. Kayflex Pocket Sprung mattresses have wonderfully responsive support and this also makes these mattresses great for sharing, as they provide each sleeper the personal support they need, without disturbing the other. Pair it up with one of our stylish, well-made beds, and you'll be well on your way to a good night's rest. You can also finish off the whole set with bedside cabinets and a dressing table, for both storage and decor.

Our Kayflex Pocket Sprung mattresses come in a full range of sizes so whether you're looking for a mattress for a single sleeper, or a family, pick from our fine selection. On top of that, these mattresses are convenient to use as well, being non-turn mattresses that require only an occasional turn from head to toe to keep it in good nick. It comes with a one year guarantee, so you can rest assured of the quality of the mattress you're purchasing.

We deliver Kayflex Pocket Sprung mattresses free to most UK customers and all our products are guaranteed, giving you greater peace of mind when choosing your dream mattress. If you're not sure what kind of mattress is best for your needs, we've created a mattress selector to help you find your perfect match. Want to know more about mattresses? Take a look at our extensive mattress guide or call us free on 0800 035 0070 and our helpful staff will answer all your questions and help you find the mattress that's right for you.