Kaydian Beds

Kaydian furniture has now not only established itself as a key manufacturer of quality furniture but is fast becoming a brand in its own right. The brand is now recognised by both retailers and consumers particularly in the field of leather beds.

Storage options are available with both drawers and ottomans (lift up). There are even beds that store your TV. It is a well-known fact that TVs look much better turned on and are a bit of an eyesore when turned off. Kaydian TV beds solve that problem store your TV out of sight when you are not using it!

Over 30 years’ experience of furniture supply has led to the availability of a quality and appealing product. The range is regularly refreshed with new and exciting lines to complement existing products and capitalise on market trends.

A key service from the supplier is the regular availability from stock to remove the irritating waiting period so prevalent with many furniture suppliers.

Our range has very much a leather bed feel to it. Various styles, colours and finishes of both leather and faux are crafted to give the look you like at a price you can afford. Modern and traditional bed frames are offered along with headboards and side tables.

The comprehensive Kaydian range of Beds with different styles and colours means you will find something to compliment your bedroom decorations.

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    Kaydian Double Beds
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    Kaydian King Size Beds
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    Meet The Team

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  2. Seven Year Hitch

    Seven Year Hitch

    The Sleep Council recommends you change your bed every seven years. Click here to find out more and watch the video.