Furniture Choice is committed to supporting and developing community ideas and activities wherever we do business

Furniture Choice forms partnership with Kirkwood Hospice

“We were looking for a local charity to support and were really impressed on a recent visit. Kirkwood Hospice is a very special place and an important part of our local area. Being able to support them is a real privilege for us and we are already planning all the exciting things we can do together.” Tom, Director at Furniture Choice

Kirkwood Hospice is a hospice situated in Dalton, Huddersfield, which provides specialist palliative care for the terminally ill in Kirklees. At Furniture Choice we’re committed to engaging more locally, and after a recent visit we were impressed with how much the hospice helps patients and loved ones during their most difficult times. Kirkwood is an excellent example of people working together to create something of value for our community.

The hospice, which recently undertook an extensive makeover after 25 years, has just launched a ‘Business Buddies’ scheme which allows local businesses to come together and support each other. Furniture Choice has become a ‘Business Buddie’ and to begin with we are sponsoring a nurse and have begun planning our whole team’s involvement in fundraising activities and events for the next few months.

Kate Leadbeater Partnership Development Manager, at Kirkwood said: “The support from Furniture Choice will help us a great deal and we very much look forward to working with them on upcoming projects.”

Furniture Choice develops an Online Recycling Tool to help reduce flytipping

When you buy new furniture you often have to dispose of your old ones and unfortunately it’s increasingly common to see old furniture dumped by the roadside. As an active member of the furniture industry we were keen to think of ways we could help, by first understanding what the UK public genuinely think about this, and then by looking at ways we could help to tackle it.

We began by commisioning an independent survey of over 1000 UK residents, this found that the top five reasons for fly tipping in the UK are:

  1. There is nowhere else to take rubbish (38%)
  2. Unaware it was illegal (28%)
  3. It was the easiest option available (22%)
  4. The cost of disposing properly was too high (16%)
  5. Because they could get away with it (11%)

With free recycling and donation facilities available in most areas, it seemed to us that the biggest problem was the public’s lack of awareness. So we created an online recycling tool to help the public identify their local refuse centres and avoid hefty fines whilst also being kinder to the environment.

Our online Recycling Tool is accessible from desktop, tablet or smartphone and has been pre-populated with information for over 700 locations for local council tips, charities and services and is continually updated allowing for more and more services to be added.

Tom, Director at Furniture Choice, said: “Informing the public on the safest ways to dispose of unwanted items is the most effective way of combatting the growing problem of illegal fly tipping, which is why we created the recycling tool. Local authorities provide excellent recycling facilities so the online tool is designed to highlight this and, in turn, reduce the number of fly-tipping cases.”

The Furniture Choice recycling tool can be found at